When you arrive to the Narconon rehab center here in Sweden you will start with the withdrawel step even if you have done the most before you arrives.

You will have a singel room and you are routed through some intervjues, medical check and information.

During this step you will go off the substance, sleep, eat and rest to be stronger. 

For each student, a personal Withdrawal Specialist is on hand to assist day and night as long as needed.


They use nutrition and special techniques that ease discomfort and painful symptoms.

After withdrawal, that usally takes about 2 weeks, the beginnings of a new and better life take hold.

Here is some of the methods we use in withdrawel:

- Motivation conversation 

- Nutritions, with vitamines and minerals

- Nerv och Body relaxing methods 

- Walkes out in the calm enviroment

- Here and now exercises.


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